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Thousands have chosen us, and they have got their office in the skies. If that’s what you want instead of rejection letters, you found the best outfit to go with. You get current tools to succeed at the lowest possible price. You won’t get 10 xeroxed pages containing information you can find anywhere on the Internet that will cost you $250 or more. You get the best tutoring like you have never experienced before, by a live person, AS LONG AS YOU NEED IT.

Still interested? If yes, keep on reading. If not, you may as well turn your TV on and watch “The American Idol” and keep on dreaming. You will be doing that for the next 40 years or till you die, whichever comes first.

Hopefully, you have not lost your interest. You should never get easily discouraged. You are taking a very important step: you are searching for knowledge to get through all interviews and training to fulfill your dream and become a flight attendant.

There are usually two reasons for searching the Internet like you do: one, either you have been turned down a few times and you see that airline interviews are different.  You finally see that you will not succeed by doing the same old thing over an over. You need to find out where you made mistakes, and what you have to do to succeed. You need to learn to play the hiring game, its rules and its tactics. And you need to find the best coach there is – well, you don’t need to search any further. You found us.

The other reason may be that you have a natural knack for interviewing, and you made it. You have been accepted by an airline of your choice. Now you are scheduled for your training and you are beginning to realize that it’s an awful lot of stuff to master in a few weeks. 

You see it would be a darn good idea to get a jump on it, so you don’t have to sweat it in training, or worse, to be sent home without your wings like some 20% of trainees are, year after year. If you are now waiting for your training and would like to prepare for those 5-6 weeks, not just for the first day, you may skip the rest of this text (time is precious) and click on the tab “INTERVIEW AND TRAINING MATERIALS“ above. If you have less than 3 weeks before your class begins, the best stuff for you is in our FLIGHT ATTENDANT MANUAL. Hundreds of our clients swear by it. If you are not sure what you might need, call me and I'll tell you what might be best for you – I do not push sales – never have and never will. It’s your life, and it has to be your choice. 

But if you are still in the planning stages, wondering where to begin and which airline might be for you – the very basic stuff – you do not need a lot of sophisticated stuff, and you certainly do not need to spend much money to get materials that will get you into any airline door. You can prepare for your interviews with our Basic Interview Package ($39.95), which gives you extremely detailed information on how some 40 airlines conduct their interviews – from the Open House to the last One-on-One interview, step by step, with all the questions they can ask and the answers they are  looking for.

If you need your resume as well – and some unscrupulous people charge as much as $150.00 for it - get the Advanced Preparation package. It's only $50.00 and your resume is a part of it.

Incidentally, if you need only a resume, you can have one in less than 6 hours for only $35.00. Very professional, tailored to you and the airlines, highlighting everything the airline is looking for.

You might like to take an advice from a client of ours who came to the U.S. from China 10 years ago, and for 6 years she worked hard learning English and working in Chinese restaurants, often just for customers’ tips. This is not a tear-jerker story, this is a fact. Kathleen Jian Hua Zhao worked for peanuts for almost 8 years and she realized that this was no way to fulfill her “American dream.” 

From the little money she made, she saved up for our correspondence course and completed it. She even came for our hands-on training. Now she contributes articles to our Update and brings home great money from Continental Airlines. “I don’t work half as hard as when I was a waitress,” she says “but I make much more money, save a lot, and have fun at work.”

Your age should not stop you from fulfilling your dream, either – as long as you are a focused hard worker. Our client Jos Bunyan from Florida looked for a course for her daughter to become a flight attendant. Jos always had a dream to fly. Ironically, her daughter dropped the idea after the first Open House where she was handled “like cattle” (US Airways), but Jos persevered. She has been flying now 4 years with jetBlue. She was 61 when she started. If you are “not so young” and want to give it a whirl, let us know and we’ll be happy to have her contact you.

We have got clients on every continent, except Antarctica. We are very happy about that. The best part of the whole thing is that most of them have remained faithful friends. Maybe it’s because they feel we took a good care of them – I’d like to think so.

To make it easier for you to order, we take all credit cards (except Discover). We will work with you if you would like to participate in the Flight Attendant Course and can do it only by paying as you go. If that’s your case, call us (818-881-6790) and we can work out the details for you.

We do it only because we know that a mind – and a dream – are terrible things to waste (see below). We hope that you know that if you want to embark on this new journey, it is you who has to take the first step.

Don’t procrastinate. Things go much better when you join the best.

TomJanovsky and

The Midnight Flight Crew

Our Clients became Flight Attendants with the following airlines:
  In USA:
  AirTran Airways*
  Alaska Airlines
  Allegheny Airlines
  America West*
  American Airlines
  American Eagle
  American Trans Air* 
  Atlantic Southeast        
  Chautauqua Airlines
  Colgan Air
  Continental Airlines*
  Continental Express*
  Delta Air Lines
  Freedom Air
  Frontier Airlines
  Horizon Air
  Independence Air*
   jetBlue Airways
   Mesa Air

   Mesaba Airlines
   Midway Airways*
   National Airlines*
   North American Int'l*
   Northwest Airlines*
   Omni Air
   PanAm (new)
   Piedmont Airlines
   Republic Airlines 
   Ryan Air International
   Shuttle America
   Southwest Airlines
   Trans World Airlines*
   United Airlines
   US Airways
   World Airways
*Airlines marked with an asterisk (*) have either merged or gone out of business.

  We Deliver FedEx Service at Southwest Airlines prices.

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We thank our clients for making us look good.
Tom Janovsky - the Dream Maker
I have always been impressed with the slogan of the United Negro College Fund: 
"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." There is a lot of truth to it, and I have seen it time and time again when I saw otherwise bright young kids rushed into the operating room because they were shot to pieces in a gang fight. Working in the OR - whether in the Open Heart or in Trauma - was very taxing. But I enjoyed the adrenalin flow. It was exciting, despite the 14-16 hour shifts we had to pull.

Then I got laid off because the hospital went into bankruptcy. My wife knew I always loved flying and she gave me the support to start an airline job at minimum wage. Quite a jump. "You got to start somewhere," I thought. And I started attending airline Open Houses. I saw something that reminded me of the slogan I mentioned above: a lot of excellent, customer oriented people were turned away, just because they did not know how to play the airline game. I saw a lot of talent wasted - and wasting a talent is just as terrible as wasting someone's mind. Someone should tell them, I thought. And then I reflected: well, why not me? And I started to write a book. I got a different adrenalin rush from attending interviews and making it, only to find some excuse why I could not fly. I loved staying home with my wife. Until... I could not back off, when the airline I worked for needed my language skills in Inflight. I was stuck, and had to do it. And so I started flying, and I finished the book that started it all - FLIGHT ATTENDANT CAREER.

Over the past eight years I have been very happy that I have made that change. I have helped a lot of people and my life was different just because I was looking after healthy people (well, almost always...). What makes me the happiest is when I see my clients graduate because, you see, just like a mind is a terrible thing to waste, I believe that wasting a lifetime dream is just as sad - especially when reaching it is at your fingertips. If you have some doubts, don't wait. Call me. You can almost always get me at 818-881-6790, or e-mail me at midniteflite@juno.com. We'll see what's best for you. You'll see that it helps to talk about it.

Tom Janovsky, CEO
Midnight Flight Airways
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